APOCALYPSE – any Saturday until September 23rd (Single Ticket)


Product Description

NYZ Apocalypse is an immersive survival horror experience located in Deer Park NY.

The apocalypse begins in an underground top secret prison system, where inmates and staff infected with a deadly infectious virus terrorize the living.

You will be briefed, trained and thrust into the apocalypse, where you must face down the infected, re-arm yourself and interact with any known survivors.

NYZ Apocalypse is a frightening experience, and we therefore only recommend those 16 years or older to enter.

Good for any Saturday in July, August, and September until September 23rd
Hours:6pm – 11pm
The last group accepted into the building at 10:30 pm



-Before purchasing a ticket or attending our attraction, please take note on the following.
-This is an Interactive theatrical production, meaning everyone you meet with will be in character remain in character at all times.

-The actors will use vulgar and explicit language, at times it will be directed at you, rude and sarcastic tones will be the main theme with the actors.
-If buying a ticket for the APOCALYPSE experience, know that the guns we use in the facility are high grade laser rifles, there are no projectiles nor are any of the guns capable of firing anything. The actors will explain that the guns are real, the zombies are real and the infection is real. This is not the case.
-If buying a ticket to ANY other experience know this…
-Once they are in character they will try their hardest to intimidate you and enhance the adrenaline or the fear. The actors will not be disrespectful to gender, race, or religion.
-You will be picked on at times. In the end you will make the experience what you allow it to be, allow them to act and we promise you will enjoy your experience.
-This is also a major factor why we strongly recommend ONLY individuals ages 16+ should attend. While you’re free to bring anyone younger, considered this a friendly warning.