What is NYZ?

NYZ Apocalypse is an immersive survival horror experience venue located in Deer Park NY.
The apocalypse begins in an underground top secret prison system, where inmates and staff infected with a deadly infectious virus terrorize the living.You will be briefed, trained and thrust into the apocalypse, where you must face down the infected, re-arm yourself and interact with any known survivors.
NYZ Apocalypse is a frightening experience, and we therefore only recommend those 16 years or older to enter.
Open: Saturdays 6pm – 11pm. The last group accepted into the building at 10:30 pm


The Experience

NYZ Apocalypse is an interactive live-action theatrical production, where you decide your fate. Equipped with gas recoil laser weapons, your group will enter the Apollo Prison System and fight back hordes of zombies.
At NYZ, you can only survive the Apocalypse by working as a team. Make sure the zombies don’t get close enough to “infect” you, and be sure to interact with the guards and personel inside the prison network to reload your weapons.
From the moment you arrive at NYZ, you will be a part of the story. For a totally immersive and truly memorable experience, leave your ego at the door.

The Story

Inside Apollo Prison, a maximum security prison network, a weaponized viral strand has infected large amounts of the inmates and staff, leading to absolute chaos. If you choose to volunteer to help contain the outbreak inside Apollo Prison, you will be sent underground to face the infected. Mutations of the infection have led zombies to act differently throughout the facility. Some run to find their next meal, some will wait until you are within arm’s reach, but all of them want one thing; your brains. Whatever you do, make sure not to enter the basement of the Prison System.
At NYZ Apocalypse, you will be equipped with a full weight laser rifle. Utilizing a unique gas-recoil system, these weapons fire an infrared laser beam accurate up to 500 yards. Nothing but a harmless beam of light is fired form these guns, and no form of protective gear is required. Conserving your shots, reloading and finding spare ammunition will all be necessary throughout the Apollo Prison System.

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Who can play

Friends and Families

NYZ is a place for you and your friends to have a good time fighting off hordes of the undead! Team up with your crew and roll out. It’s time to lay waste to this zombie plague!


NYZ was designed to feel like a first person survival horror game. Influenced by Resident Evil, Call of Duty and Dead Space, this experience takes you out of your comfort zone and puts you in a real life horror simulation that keeps your feet on the ground and your ass off the couch!


NYZ is all about team building and cooperation so, bring your next top execs down for some zombie slaying. They’ll learn a thing or two about survival, teamwork and better business dynamic as they’re taking down flesh eating ghouls all night. At least you’ll have trained vets securing your business when the real zombie apocalypse happens!





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    450 Commack Rd, Deer Park, NY 11729

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    (631) 392-4700

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    Hours of operation

    Closed: Sunday – Friday (Except Show Times Listed) Open: Saturdays 6pm – 11pm. The last group accepted into the building at 10:30 pm

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